Mar 26, 2014


   I’m pretty excited to post and present my very first blog!

   I’ve been thinking of creating a Blogger account for quite some time (and yes, I admit I was kind of a lurker). Now my own blog page is finally up. Hurrah! The reason for my eager desire for starting a blog has to be the great amount of people that I came across here that actually happened to catch my attention and make me wanna be part of this community. I think this is a great place for sharing ideas, experience, emotions. I'll do my best not to be monotonous in my blogging so that you wouldn't skip my page every time you stumble across it. haha :D    My thoughts are super chaotic right now and I don’t really know if I should continue to write down every single thing that crosses my mind. So I guess I better stop here.

    And one last thing I should mention. You may have already noticed that I am not a native English speaker (or maybe you haven’t), so I apologize in advance for any incorrect words or phrases. You’re welcome to correct me. Just don’t be too harsh on me,okey? :)

   If you’re interested in any of my blogs don’t hesitate to follow me! Now I should go back to my coffee, which keeps getting cold.   Have a great day,everyone!

   Супер щастлива съм да напиша първия си пост в първия ми блог!

    От доста време обмислях да навляза в света на Blogger (да, бях си аз пасивна, наблюдавайки какво се случва из интернет пространството). И ето ме, най-накрая и аз станах част от него. Ура!    Причината да го направя бе огромното количество хора, на които с натъкнах и от които научавах по нещо ново всеки ден. Тук е прекрасно място, на което човек може да споделя идеи, опит, а защо не и емоции. И за да не бъда скучна мисля да спра до тук днес.

  Ако това, за което пиша Ви се стори интересно и полезно ще бъда много щастлива!   ...А сега нека по-добре се върна към изстиващото ми кафе. Лек ден, благодаря!


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