Sep 23, 2014

Galénic Aquapulpe Quenching Cream-Gel and Instant Moisturising Mask

   I've spent the last couple of weeks looking for a good hydrating face cream, when I came across Galénic skin care products. To be honest with you, I didn't know much about this brand until now. It turns out that it's French, as the name suggests. I read a couple of reviews of different Galénic products and everyone seems to really like them. So that's when I decided I wanted to try them out, starting with their face cream and face mask from their Aquapulpe line.
Almost a month later I decided to write a review...simply because these two product deserve a little attention!

    Прекарах няколко седмици в търсене на хубав хидратиращ крем, когато се натъкнах на продуктите на Галеник. Ако трябва да бъда честна, трябва да си призная, че не знаех много за тази марка козметика . Оказа се френска, както можете и сами да се досетите от името. Прочетох няколко ревюта на различни техни продукти и изглежда на всички са доволни от тях. Това беше и моментът, в който и аз се реших да ги изпробвам, започвайки с крема за лице, придружен от маската от линията Aquapulpe.
Вече, почти месец по-късно, реших, че му е дошло момента да напиша ревю. Просто защото тези два продукта заслужават малко внимание!

    Galénic Aquapulpe Quenching Cream-Gel


Apr 20, 2014

REVIEW: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse /Multipurpose dry oil/

    I'm sure we've all heard about Nuxe's multipurpose dry oil /or Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse/. It is one of the most popular products in the world of Beauty. No doubt about it. I've had my eye on the product for quite some time and, of course, a month ago I finally decided to give it a try.

       No regrets!  Totally worth the money, totally worth the hype! &nbsp Love it!

   Сигурна съм, че всички ние сме чувала за така нареченото мултифункционално сухо масло/олио, или „Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose dry oil“. Това е един от онези така популярни продукти в света на красотата, който няма начин да сте пропуснали. Бях му хвърлила око от доста време и преди месец, най-накрая се реших да го пробвам. И нека да ви кажа – напълно си заслужава парите. Напълно оправдава силните отзиви!

   This is the original version of the product. I chose this one over the one with the glitter, because I wanted something really subtle and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the shiny particles. The oil itself is great. I was wondering why it's called "a dry oil" and then it hit me - because once put on the skin it takes just a few seconds to get it DRY.
  You can use this oil pretty much on your entire body. - face, elbows, knees, hair, etc,etc. It keeps your skin hydrated throughout the whole day. The scent is super feminine and it last long.
  I use it mainly on my hair and on my legs. But carefully! Be sure you don't apply it directly to the roots. It may make your hair greasy. Just take a small amount of the product and then run this through the ends of your hair.
   9 out 10. One of the best products I've tried so far. Period.

Apr 4, 2014

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These...

  Skin always looks good when we know how to take care of it properly. Using the right products is the key to its good condition. I'm not an expert in dermatology but I love trying out new skin products. And today I am going to talk about my favourite skin cleansers so far which I use right before bed. Ladies and Gents, may I present to you - Bioderma Sensibio H2O and La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel!

   Кожата винаги изглежда добре, когато знаем как да се грижим за нея както трябва. Използването на правилните продукти е ключът към доброто й състояние. Не съм експерт по дерматология, но обичам да изпробвам нови продукти. Днес ще ви разкажа за любимите ми такива за почистване на лице, които използвам преди лягане. Моля, позволете ми да Ви представя – мицеларната вода „Bioderma Sensibio H2O“ и почистващия гел „La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel”.

Mar 30, 2014

Three Beauty Products That Get Me Through The Winter

    We all know that winter is the worst season for your skin. No doubt about that.
It feels like the wind blows the skin off your face. Your hands are no longer soft and gentle. Lips get all dry and chapped...the most unpleasant time of the year. Fortunately for me, I found three simple beauty products that helped me survive the hell of winter. These products can be found pretty much anywhere and luckily for us all, they do not cost tons of money.

  I have normal to combination skin and during winter it tends to get a little bit dry and just a little bit more sensitive. I don't really need to use any intense face cream. "Dove rich nourishment cream" does the job pretty well for me! The texture is super smooth and very very rich. In fact I would not recommend it if you have oily skin. Best part is, you can use it not only on your face, but also on all of your body. Because it is super hydrating it works pretty well even on the driest parts of your body such as elbows, knees, etc.

  Normally my lips are quite smooth...except for that one season, when they get intensely dried. I've got probably around 15 pots of lip balms and for some reason almost none of them works for me when my lips need hydration. I almost gave up on finding a good lip balm until I saw "Nivea SOS Lip Relief" in the local drugstore. I ended up buying it, hoping I finally found the one. And yes, I did. This is probably the best lip product for shopped lips I've ever tried. It is not a lip balm, but more like a clear gloss, which (luckily) is not sticky at all. It has a very nice cooling effect on the lips /description says it contains menthol and Panthenol/.

  Winter is hands' worst enemy. Especially when you have hands as sensitive as mine. Not only they get super dry, they start to crack and even bleed. It's been a while since I've been looking for a good hand product. Each and every hand cream claims to be "hydrating", and "moisturising", and "nourishing", etc, etc, and literally 90% of them does not work at all. Last winter I finally found a hand product that can take care of my chapped hands - "Mixa Intensive Care Repairing Surgras Hand Cream".
  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand - it is french and it claims that its products are "formulated under medical supervision". The hand cream contains 30% concentration of glycerine, oat milk and shea butter. It's paraben and alchohol free. The texture is really thick and oily. Right after applying, it immediately soothes any irritations or itching on the skin. It has a very soft, hardly noticable scent. Number 1 drugstore hand cream so far! You can take a look at all products by "Mixa" on their official website

  What are your favorite winter products?

Mar 27, 2014

Victoria's Secret "True Escape" Body Butter and Body Wash Review

   Just a couple of months ago my beloved cousin got me for my birthday Victoria's Secret "True Escape" Body Butter and Body Wash. Back then I had lots of other body products so I put those two aside. And here we are, a couple of months later I decided it's time I give them a go!

    Само преди няколко месеца, любимата ми братовчедка ме зарадва за рождения ден с Victoria’s Secret “True Escape” Масло за Тяло и Душ Гел. Точно по това време имах доста продукти за тяло, които в момента използвах, затова оставих на страна тези два. И вече, месеци по-късно, дойде времето най-накрая да им се нарадвам!
   First thing I noticed when I opened the Body Butter was the scent - solar jasmine and pomelo. It's fresh and moderate - not too light, not too heavy. The texture is creamy and soft. I put it on my skin and the scent became even more pleasant. AND IT LASTED FOR HOURS! I was so impressed with it that I had to try the body wash as well. And that's what I did.
  The description says "Foaming formula features conditioning Aloe Vera, plus antioxidant Vitamin E. Lather on for gentle, refreshing cleansing. Skin feels soft, smooth and thouchable." The consistency of the Body Wash is gel like liquid, and it does really lather pretty well. The fragrance is amazing but unfortunately it doesn't last on my skin. That's the only downside of the Body Wash. But bearing in mind that I use it in combination with the Body Butter, that's not that much of a deal for me.

Mar 26, 2014


   I’m pretty excited to post and present my very first blog!

   I’ve been thinking of creating a Blogger account for quite some time (and yes, I admit I was kind of a lurker). Now my own blog page is finally up. Hurrah! The reason for my eager desire for starting a blog has to be the great amount of people that I came across here that actually happened to catch my attention and make me wanna be part of this community. I think this is a great place for sharing ideas, experience, emotions. I'll do my best not to be monotonous in my blogging so that you wouldn't skip my page every time you stumble across it. haha :D    My thoughts are super chaotic right now and I don’t really know if I should continue to write down every single thing that crosses my mind. So I guess I better stop here.

    And one last thing I should mention. You may have already noticed that I am not a native English speaker (or maybe you haven’t), so I apologize in advance for any incorrect words or phrases. You’re welcome to correct me. Just don’t be too harsh on me,okey? :)

   If you’re interested in any of my blogs don’t hesitate to follow me! Now I should go back to my coffee, which keeps getting cold.   Have a great day,everyone!

   Супер щастлива съм да напиша първия си пост в първия ми блог!

    От доста време обмислях да навляза в света на Blogger (да, бях си аз пасивна, наблюдавайки какво се случва из интернет пространството). И ето ме, най-накрая и аз станах част от него. Ура!    Причината да го направя бе огромното количество хора, на които с натъкнах и от които научавах по нещо ново всеки ден. Тук е прекрасно място, на което човек може да споделя идеи, опит, а защо не и емоции. И за да не бъда скучна мисля да спра до тук днес.

  Ако това, за което пиша Ви се стори интересно и полезно ще бъда много щастлива!   ...А сега нека по-добре се върна към изстиващото ми кафе. Лек ден, благодаря!